About Facet5

What is Facet5?

Facet5 is a measure of personality powered by a passion for development. Facet5 supports individuals, teams, leaders and businesses to realise their full potential.

Used by organisations and consultancies worldwide, Facet5 provides a model and a language to explain how people differ in their behaviour, motivation, attitudes, preferred ways of working – and most importantly; what they can achieve.

People and personality sit at the heart of Facet5

We believe understanding your personality – really, truly understanding it, provides an individual with a sense of their identity and the know-how to thrive in a changing world. Facet5 provides individuals with intuitive, yet rich insights that can be applied immediately and enhanced over time, leading to positive developmental impact.

Facet5 gave me that ‘A-ha’ moment. I was instantly able to connect how I perceived myself and the way I like to work to my job and how I work with others.

Facet5 enables individuals, teams & organisations

Facet5 provides an easy-to-understand framework and a simple common language that is readily adopted by individuals, teams and organisations to help realise their full potential. Specifically designed by psychologists for use within organisations, it helps people at all levels understand behaviour and what can be achieved. Facet5 describes, explains and predicts behaviour in non-judgmental ways, so teams and organisations alike can easily understand and utilise the power of personality.

Robust data, actionable insights

Facet5 was developed in response to client demand for speedy, practical information and to assist businesses and individuals at each stage of an employees’ journey through an organisation.

Actionable Insights

Focused and actionable insights that drive personal development

42 Norm Groups

42 norm groups that allow for meaningful comparison

33 Languages

Facet5 is currently available in 33 languages and growing

Comprehensive Application

Facet5 is easily applied to personal and leadership development, coaching and team effectiveness

Designed by psychologists, based in science

Specifically designed by psychologists for use within organisations, Facet5 helps people at all levels understand behaviour and what can be achieved. Facet5 is the result of over 30 years of development using sound psychometric methods to create a model of personality that supports people development, in all its forms. The five factor model of personality (or ‘Big 5’) is now widely accepted as the best way of describing the fundamental building blocks of personality. The ‘Big 5’ model consistently emerges from psychological research as the irreducible minimum needed to give a comprehensive description of personality and behaviour. Facet5 measures these five factors precisely and quickly to give an accurate and easily applied portrait of an individual’s personality.

Is Facet5 for you?

Facet5 can be used by anyone who supports people development and by those curious to understand how they can enable to best in others. Facet5 provides this insight and understanding to help realise individual, team and leader potential – across the whole employee journey.

Our mission is to turn reliable data into meaningful insights that are not only presented in the most practical way, but which can also be applied and used in the easiest way possible.

What we measure – a little detail

Facet5 identifies the 5 major building blocks of personality – broken down into 13 sub-factors.
We all have varying amounts of each factor within our personalities; the amount (scores) will differ depending on our personal preferences and beliefs. It is the pattern of ‘scores’ we see across each of the factors which provides an overall picture of our personality.

The factors and sub-factors measured by Facet5 are. . .


The inner drive to commit to own ideas

A drive to confront issues as they arise

A tendency to go your own way


Obvious enthusiasm and energy

Interest in being with people

Involving others in your thinking


Putting other people’s interests first

Always trying to be understanding

Tendency to take people at face value


Being personally organised and planned

Being willing to take personal responsibility


A general sense of tension or stress

Being cautious and not over-optimistic

The Facet5 model

Facet5 is based on a simple, yet trusted, model of personality. Because of this, Facet5 is the personality tool of choice for many organisations.

Facet5’s robustness and credibility is what helps sets it apart and ensures that it is not only are valid and reliable but trusted.

Big 5 theory of Personality

Based on empirical, data driven research, the Big 5 theory of personality is recognised as the most reliable and valid way of measuring and describing personality. Facet5 measures these five factors precisely and quickly.

A Trait based Normative Tool

Personality traits are measured along a continuum rather than a forced dichotomy between one type or another. This is a more precise and meaningful approach which allows people to understand their personality in relation to others.

Natural Language

Facet5 uses natural, everyday terms that people are familiar with and which are strengths based. This creates a common language for understanding and talking about behaviours – in comparison to other measures that use overly academic or a less balanced language.

Emotionality as a Lens

Facet5 is the only model to apply Emotionality as an interpretive factor (a lens through which to view the other factors). Emotionality impacts how the other 4 factors ‘show up’ and this can create real lightbulb moments in people’s self-awareness.

Validity & Reliability

Facet5 is truly committed to ensuring Facet5 does what it claims to do and that the insights it offers are of the very highest standard.

Facet5’s reliability and validation processes ensure that it maximises the accuracy and consistency of every measure, in order to guarantee that the results are dependable and applicable.