There is no question that self-awareness is pivotal to individual development.
Self-development starts with a good understanding of your personal working style, attitudes and your values and beliefs that drive it. This, together with an appreciation of how you might be seen by others, and a language for describing differences in behaviour; provide you with a framework to enable meaningful personal development.

Light the path to self-development

What is Facet5 SpotLight?

SpotLight is a personal development report. It provides individuals with their personality related Strengths, Risks, Frustrations and Challenges. Spotlight provides immediate, personal feedback and also delivers a simple, practical process for creating tailored development goals and plans:

The positive and productive behaviours that an individual does well and require little effort.

The less appealing aspects of an individuals’ profile, when things aren’t going well. Any strength can become a Risk when it is taken to the extreme.

The adverse reaction an individual may have to another person’s behaviour. Frustrations arise because the approach of another person is so different from the individuals own that prolonged exposure to them can trigger the risk behaviour.

Provide the development suggestions that support the individual to understand what they offer and how to adapt their behaviour to capitalise on the strengths of others (and to manage the risk behaviours in themselves).

SpotLight clearly identifies an individual’s development areas – offering insight that is actionable along with meaningful development suggestions.

How does it work?

SpotLight takes the four elements (strengths, risk, frustrations, challenges) and groups them into five work related domains. . .

  1. Making decisions and setting goals
  2. Engaging and consulting others
  3. A focus on people and tasks
  4. Managing their work and commitments
  5. Responding to stress and identifying risk

This supports individuals to understand themselves in practical work-based scenarios and ensures the data is instantly applicable.

Ways you can use SpotLight

SpotLight is most successful when used within. . .

The Spotlight suite of products can be easily integrated into current development frameworks and programmes.

The Impact

Spotlight is the ideal starting point for building meaningful development plans that have real impact. It highlights potential strengths, risks, frustrations and focus in on development issues quickly.

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