Facet5 Personality Profile

We are all unique. Our personality comes with us wherever we go.
It influences how we approach the world, our work and relationships.

We all have similarities and differences in our motivations, attitudes and behaviour – it’s what makes us who we are. The way we behave and interact with others depends on our own make-up. Therefore, when we understand ourselves and others we are able to develop, work more effectively and build stronger relationships. The Facet5 personality profile provides the foundation for this self-awareness and personal development.

Harness the power of your personality to realise your potential

What is the Facet5 Profile?

Facet5 is founded on contemporary, trait-based personality theory – making the data credible, robust and reliable.

The Facet5 Profile provides a ‘snapshot’ of an individual’s personality. A profile details the five major building blocks (the Facet5 factors) of an individuals’ personality. These factors are then broken down into 13 sub-factors.

We all have varying amounts of each factor within our personalities – the amount / score will differ depending on our personal preferences and beliefs. It is the pattern of ‘scores’ we see across each of the factors which provides an overall picture of our personality.

With this in mind, there is no right or wrong profile. Facet5 is not a test which you can ‘pass’ or ‘fail’. We call it a personality profile – often referred to by others as an inventory or scale.

The factors measured by Facet5 are. . .


The inner drive to commit to own ideas

A drive to confront issues as they arise

A tendency to go your own way


Obvious enthusiasm and energy

Interest in being with people

Involving others in your thinking


Putting other people’s interests first

Always trying to be understanding

Tendency to take people at face value


Being personally organised and planned

Being willing to take personal responsibility


A general sense of tension or stress

Being cautious and not over-optimistic

How it works

Step 1 – Questionnaire

We measure your personality via the completion of an online questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of 106 questions and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. It’s available in 33 languages. The responses are then compared to a group of ‘like’ people (commonly called a norm group). A sten score is calculated for each factor and sub-factor. It is these scores which are presented in a Facet5 profile.

Step 2 – Profile

A profile report can be downloaded immediately by the Symes Group Facet5 system upon completion of the questionnaire. The comprehensive report outputs are available in multiple languages and help us understand how similar or different our personality traits are to others – and the aspects that make us unique.

Remember; there are no right or wrong answers. Facet5 is not a test – you do not ‘pass’ or ‘fail’.

Step 3 – Debrief

Full interpretation and debrief of the profile is provided by Jessica Symes Toomey from Symes Group as an Accredited Facet5 Practitioner. The debrief takes the individual on a journey of self discovery where they gain a better understanding of their preferred ways. Jessica guides the individuals in interpreting the insights offered by their profile in a way that is meaningful to them.

So, what’s included in a Facet5 Profile?

Each report comprises of. . . 

The core Facet5 Profile can be supplemented with the following add-on reports. . . 

All supplementary reports can be purchased individually or as one, complete Facet5 profile.

The impact

Our personality drives our behaviour. When we operate on auto-pilot we can often have a ‘hit and miss’ approach to the outcomes we create. We may not be aware of both our strengths, and how to leverage those, or those risks that keep turning up – getting in way of us realising our potential.When we build self-awareness and understanding, such as that which comes from a Facet5 profile, we can choose different behaviours, resulting in better outcomes, relationships, decisions and performance.People tell us their experience of their Facet5 profile is:

The Facet5 Profile – at a glance

Sample Report

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Online questionnaire, 106 questions, allow approx. 20 minutes to complete, results immediately available

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