Conversations are at the heart of how we communicate, engage,
build relationships and lead. SuperSkills combines the art of conversations with the science of personality to provide a unique solution to help individuals have great conversations.

The art of conversation, the science of personality

What is Facet5 SuperSkills?

SuperSkills was born out of a curiosity to identify the core skills that underpin all conversations we have as human beings; be those at work or at home.

Most of us spend a lot of time having conversations of one form or another, but some people are clearly much more effective than others at ensuring the conversations they have strengthen relationships and are productive, rather than waste time and destroy trust.

Curious about conversations

Our experience has taught us that a conversation between two people actually comprises three separate but parallel conversations; the one between us, the one in my head and the one in your head.

Skilled conversationalists are able to manage all three of these simultaneously. The question is; ‘what skills do they use?’

With extensive, respective experience in the fields of communication and personality –

The Right Conversation* and Facet5 created the SuperSkills of Great Conversations. This unique combination of the ‘Art of Communication’ and the ‘Science of Personality’ answers the question on ‘how do I have great conversations?’

The good news is that conversations are based on a number of distinct skills; the 5 SuperSkills – which means we can all become better. But that is not the whole story. Our ability to use these SuperSkills also depends on our personality.

*Facet5 SuperSkills of Great Conversations is powered in collaboration with The Right Conversation

How it works

SuperSkills establishes a baseline measure of someone’s natural conversation skills and habits. It provides clarity around where an individuals’ conversational strengths and challenges lay so that they are able to move forward with the confidence to enhance the quality of relationships they have at work and at home.

The Facet5 SuperSkills of Great Conversations™ are the core skills that underpin all conversations we have. This means that equipping individuals with the 5 SuperSkills drives improvements in numerous conversations – including performance management, collaboration, career development and handling difficult conversations.

How effective we are in conversations of course depends in part on our skills. But how we are likely to ‘show up’ in conversation against the 5 SuperSkills can also be predicted by our personality. The SuperSkills report maps an individual’s Facet5 results onto the 5 SuperSkills of Great Conversations, providing a unique insight into an individual’s strengths, what they might need to manage, and where they can focus to drive improvements.

The Facet5 SuperSkills of Great Conversations™. . .

Presence: Maintaining undivided attention, really ‘being there’
Hyperawareness: Acute self-awareness of your biases, beliefs and emotional triggers
De-coding: Drawing out what the other person is really saying
Voicing: Speaking out with courage and conviction
Flow control: Managing conversations – the beginning, middle and end

Ways you can use SuperSkills

Conversations have the power to inspire, engage, build trust, encourage collaboration and increase wellbeing. Our SuperSkills based solutions are designed to improve conversational capability across all levels, from individual, team, leaders and whole organisations. SuperSkills can be easily integrated into an existing development or onboarding programme, as well as within one to one  coaching.

What is the impact?

We make three simple assertions:

When working with our clients they tell us they are experiencing:

SuperSkills – at a glance

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